5 Ridgewood for sale

February 2, 2023

Immediate Release

Sale of Surplus Property - #5 Ridgewood Drive

During the January 23, 2023 meeting, the Hillsboro R-III School Board voted to sell the office

building located at 5 Ridgewood Drive in Hillsboro by sealed bid. The Board established the

minimum bid required of $300,000. The sealed bids are due to the district by noon on February

23, 2023.

The district had intended to sell the building and property once the new administration and

Learning Center areas were ready. The district will utilize the sealed bid process following the

Board of Education policy. The Board established the minimum bid amount and reserved the

right to reject any or all proposals and award the bid in the District's best interests.

The district utilized the .82 acre property, 48 striped parking spaces, and 5232 square foot

building at 5 Ridgewood as the District Administration Building since 2009. The main level is

divided into an entry, a shared office, five private offices, a break room, and two restrooms. The

lower level is divided into two shared offices, three private offices, a break room, a conference

room, several storage areas, and a restroom. The floors are carpeted or tile, the walls are drywall,

and the ceilings are drywall or drop grid acoustic tile.

Previous to 2009, the building was utilized by the Jefferson County Special Education

Cooperative, and before that was a church.

The property has been zoned C-1, Light Commercial District, by the city of Hillsboro. Permitted

uses include business services, personal services, government buildings, and daycare centers.

The property at #5 Ridgewood Drive will be excellent for businesses because it is turn-key ready,

has a large parking lot and is located on Business 21.

The District Administration Offices are now located at the new Hillsboro Administration Office

and Learning Center Annex building on the Hillsboro school campus at 100 Leon Hall Parkway.

It is exciting to have the administration office back on campus. It is more visible and easily

accessible for employees and parents. The Learning Center students will benefit from their new

areas as well. The alternative school will still be housed within the Learning Center attached to

the Intermediate Building. At the new facility, alternative students will utilize two large

multi-use areas, a classroom area with a kitchen, and surrounding outdoor spaces for their

learning and activities.

In 2020, the district purchased the 15.36 acres and 7,370 square foot residence from the estate of

Mrs. Diane Hall for $825,000.

The purchase benefited the district and community in several ways. The district saved a

significant amount of money by repurposing the residence, rather than if a new building was

constructed at today’s commercial construction costs. The five acres of land were the connecting

piece between the high school and the farm. It is very suitable for future construction that may

be needed years down the road and ensures the iconic pond and land along Hwy 21 remain

untouched by growth.

PDF of Release: https://5il.co/1obu1