Spring Into Wellness - JCHD

Jefferson County Health Department recognizes daily physical activity and nutrition are important aspects of a child’s life that will help reduce risks of developing obesity and related chronic illness.  Physical activity also promotes psychological well-being, increased focus and academic performance, while improving the resiliency of the students through the potentially stressful changes.  A State of Childhood Obesity study through Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (updated in October of 2020) showed Missouri ranked as the 17th highest state with childhood obesity rates.  The country continues to see a high increase of youth and childhood obesity resulting in higher risk of diabetes, asthma, heart conditions and other chronic health related issues.  The recent pandemic and continued rise in childhood obesity have increased risk for chronic illness.

 The Jefferson County Health Department Health Education team has developed a virtual activity program for youth and families in Jefferson County!  Spring Into Wellness is an opportunity for families to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and be physically active.  We have attached the program flyer for sharing with families or through social media links.

Click the link for more information:  https://www.jeffcohealth.org/spring-into-wellness