Blue/White Days,  Devices, and WiFi Access Informational Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Last night, at the August 11th Board of Education meeting, it was decided that the
district would delay the start of school until August 31st and adopt a hybrid learning model
for the first quarter of the 2020-2021 school year. We would like to share with you some
information about our plans for implementing this model.

The district is also still offering a 100% virtual learning model for those who
choose not to attend in-person at the time (this option requires a semester-long
commitment). The deadline to sign up for this choice has been extended to August 16th
due to the change in structure of our in-person option. Regardless of which option your
student elects, participation and attendance are required and grades will be taken.

Students who elect the hybrid option will be in attendance in-person two days per week.
On the days they are not physically in attendance, they will be receiving virtual instruction from
Hillsboro teacher(s). Students will be expected to complete lessons to prepare for in-person
learning and/or reinforce learning that has taken place on in-person days. Online lessons will
be pre-recorded so that students are able to complete instructional activities during times that
are convenient for their families.

The district was divided geographically into two groups, Blue and White. Students were
assigned to a group based on their primary address.

BLUE DAY - Monday and Thursday - Students who live WEST of Old 21

WHITE DAY - Tuesday and Friday - Students who live EAST of Old 21

Class assignments and schedules may change due to the implementation of the hybrid
model and will be finalized on or before August 24th. Please look for additional
building-specific information in the coming weeks.

The district has ordered an additional 800 Chromebooks so that all students have the
opportunity to receive a district-provided device. Insurance for devices will be provided
through the district.

Insurance cost will be $20 per device, with a family cap of $60. Students may elect to
use their own devices if they choose; however, they will be expected to bring their device to
and from school on in-person learning days. Devices will be available to pick up at students’
respective buildings at the following dates/times:

● K-12 100%Virtual Students: Aug. 26th, 2PM to 7PM

● K-4, & 6th Grade In-Person Hybrid Students: Aug. 25 & 27, 8AM to 7PM
*5th Grade In-Person Hybrid Students will receive their devices when school

● 7th-8th In-Person Hybrid Students: Aug. 24th, 9AM to 4PM & Aug. 25, 12PM
to 7PM
● High School In-Person Hybrid Students will receive their devices when school

The district has purchased a limited number of Internet hotspots for students without
Internet connectivity. Use of district-provided devices and hotspots are limited for solely
educational purposes. If you would like to apply for a hotspot, please fill out an application by
clicking this link:

If you have any questions regarding these options, please contact your student’s school