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We are getting closer by the week to the kick off the school year! 

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Hillsboro R3 Schools are hosting Open House nights for parents and students. These open house dates offer an excellent opportunity for families to meet their child's teachers, explore the classrooms, and learn about the exciting curriculum and extracurricular activities planned for the upcoming year. The faculty and administration are eager to connect with parents, reinforcing the essential partnership between home and school for a successful educational journey.  

In addition to Open House dates on the information page, you will find school supply lists, an informational link about the upcoming Missouri Sales Tax Holiday Weekend, the updated 2023-2024 school calendar, and other information.

We have a new food service contractor to serve our students, there will be more information forthcoming, please stay tuned! 

Bus routes will be completed the weekend before Open Houses, to assure that as many newly enrolled Hawks are included in the routes.

We appreciate your patience as we are getting ready for  Monday, August 21 - our first day of school! (just one month away!)