Hillsboro High School Archery 2023 State and National Champions!

Archery teams across the Nation have been shooting in both Bullseye and 3D competitions all Winter long to compete in their state tournaments and hopefully the National Tournament.  In March, the Hillsboro Hawks took first place in the MO State Archery Tournament in both competitions that are offered, the 3D and the Bullseye.  On May13 they competed in the National Tournament in Louisville, KY.  In the 3D division, the Hawks took 1st place against 148 other top high school teams in the nation.  However, the Hawks didn’t just stop with one championship, but also took 1st place in the Bullseye division against 252 other teams!  Hillsboro’s championship 3D score was 1,731 points and their winning bullseye score was 3,453 points!  

The Hillsboro HS Archery team consists of 32 athletes who earn a spot on the team by trying out in November each year.  This year’s team consists of 14 girls and 18 boys.  They are:  Nathan Beck, David Boehme, Gwen Carroll, Reese Churchill, TJ Fink, Gavin Formann, Colton Gronborg, Alexis Hahn, Scott Hartenberger, Natalie Jaeschke, Shelby Kohler, Brooklyn Meyer, Blake Moore, Austin Morgan, Adalynn Painter, Sabrina Painter, Sam Pierce, Leya Pogue, Caleb Quigley, Cody Shaw, Gabe Speed, Briley VonTalge, Jody VonTalge, Colin Voyles, Autumn Watson, Trenton Weber, Ameilya Wells, Richard Wiethop, Peyton Willeford, Addison Willeford, Mason Withers, Cole Wynn, and managers Sarah Hamilton and Sydney Strite.      

The entire team shot well at the National Tournament and had great depth and quality of scores, but the top scoring Hawks in the bullseye division were:  Shelby Kohler, Alexis Hahn, Caleb Quigley, Samuel Pierce,  Briley VonTalge, Leya Pogue, Natalie Jaeschke, Reese Churchill, Richard Wiethop, Blake Moore, Peyton Willeford, Autumn Watson, and Scott Hartenberger.  The top scoring Hawks in the 3D division were:  Cody Shaw, Leya Pogue, Autumn Watson, Shelby Kohler, Scott Hartenberger, Peyton Willeford, and Blake Moore.  

Congratulations to Hillsboro High School Archery for putting Missouri and the town of Hillsboro on the national map!!  With Hillsboro’s success last year as runner up in the National Bullseye and 3D champs, and now with this year’s clean sweep of both tourneys at Nationals, Hillsboro is nationally known by everyone who follows high school archery!!   

The archery team is coached by Stephen Holupka, Payton Gronborg and head coach Dan Gronborg. The team managers are students Sydney Strite and Sara Hamilton.