The Little Painter of Sabana Grande

bears sewing

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thread line

Vocabulary Words
adobe:  sandy kind of clay used to make bricks
imaginary:  made up in the mind, unreal
miserable:  very unhappy
shallow:  not very deep
stump:  lower part of a tree trunk, left when the rest of the tree has been cut down
thatched:  covered with straw, reeds, or similar material

spools of thread

Spelling Words

ashes thatched
bless attic
branch ankle
fresh edge
cabin bath
scrap check
better desk
belt *stump
*adobe *imaginary
*miserable *shallow

sewing bear

1.  She broke her ankle while looking for her belt in the attic.

2.  The thatched roof of the cabin looked better today.

3.  Her pencil was on the edge of the desk.

4.  They went to check out a book on fresh flowers.

5.  The branch burned to ashes.


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