Habitat Adventure


We are going on an adventure to a special habitat. We will learn as much as possible about this habitat and the life within it. We will be hunting through the WorldWideWeb.

Here are the different habitats:

camel frog wetlands
 Desert   Rainforest    Wetlands

lion bears
Grasslands Tundra

Task 1:  Your Habitat

1. Define your habitat. Be Specific.

2. List Five Characteristics of your habitat.

Click Here for Habitat Factsheet.

3. Find a picture of your habitat. Include it in your report.

Now click onto the picture of your habitat above.

Task 2:  Animals In Your Habitat

1. Pick an animal that lives in your habitat. Click on the habitat above and the resources below for information on your animal.

2. Go to the animal fact sheet to answer questions about your animal.

Click here for the animal fact sheet.

3. Find a picture of your animal and include it with your report.

Task 3:  Plants In Your Habitat

1. What plants live in your habitat?

2. How have the plants adapted to life in your habitat?
Click here for the plant fact sheet.

3. Find a picture of a plant in your habitat. Include it in your report.

Task 4:  Create Your Habitat

Your habitat has many unique and interesting features. Pick one of the following to create a representation of your habitat:

    1. Diorama of your habitat.
    2. Mobile showing animals and/or plants of your habitat.
    3. Powerpoint presentation of your habitat.
    4. Scene or drawing  illustrating life on your habitat.

Task 5: Oral Presentation

Click here for directions.
Click here for Habitat Comparison Chart

Task 6:  Venn Diagram:  Comparing Two Animals
Click here

Task 7:  You Decide Now!
Click here.

Task 8:  Evaluation
Click here.

Enchanted Learning:  Rain Forests Rain Forests
Rain Forest Biome Rain Forest Sounds
Plants of the Rainforest Desert Animals
Deserts of the World Desert Biome
Tundra Biome Arctic Tundra
Tundra More Tundra Animals
Wetlands Bog Wetlands
Weird Wetlands Wetland Facts
Prairie Grassland Grassland Biome
More Prairie Grasslands Grasslands
All Habitats Habitats of North America
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